My father is the kind of person who would rather make due without something than paying for it. He’s always been this way, ever since I was a kid. Once our hot water heater was broken, and we went for a long time without getting a new one. We had to boil water on the stove whenever we wanted to get some hot water. If we wanted to shower, we had to either boil or take the cold shower. He needed to have an HVAC repair in NJ because his HVAC system wasn’t working, but he wasn’t about to spend the money for it. He wanted to let it stay broken and simply wear more clothing to stay warm in the winter. He said that he didn’t need any fancy machines to give him heat, and that people in the old days didn’t have heaters. Of course, they did have fire, but he doesn’t have a fireplace.

I told my father that he was being ridiculous about not wanting to pay for a repair to his HVAC system, and he said that he didn’t care. I didn’t want to see my father freeze because of his own stubbornness, so I made arrangements for a company to come to my father’s home and repair the system, and I would pay for the cost of the repairs. I didn’t tell my father about any of this until the day of the repairs, and I arrived with the repair company so that they would be able to get inside the home.

My father was a bit mad that I made the arrangements without telling him, but he wouldn’t have let me do it if I did tell him. The repairs were done quickly, and my father liked having heat again, but that still didn’t stop him from being stubborn about anything else.

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