What is cast aluminum railing

What is cast aluminum railing?

The railing is a small structure in the whole house, it is also called a handrail because it plays a role like a small fence. The railing can be located in the balcony, terrace or stair part or many other positions in the interior. There are a few cases where the railing built on the roof is now almost exclusively for aesthetic value or a part of the wall.

Thus, it can be seen that the railing needs to ensure the criteria of ensuring durability, solidity, and safety for people standing near. In addition, to be compatible with the overall design of the building, the railing also needs to ensure aesthetics.

From the above, lan can nhom duc is a good candidate to enter the TOP when it has both durability and beauty. It is products made from aluminum alloy, applying casting technique and producing delicate balustrades.

The ideal height that cast aluminum balustrades usually apply is 900mm on average. With this height, it will help you keep a good, harmonious view and still perform well the task of keeping the railing safe.

lan can nhom duc : Pros and cons

Although it is superior to old materials such as wood, iron, stainless steel or more classic than concrete, cast aluminum railings are still difficult to avoid the imperfection curse when there are a few disadvantages. Looking closely at each property of the material will see each of the advantages and disadvantages of this product as follows:


To compliment the cast aluminum railing product, there will indeed be a lot to say. Because there is nothing inherent that cast aluminum products are more and more standing and chosen by many people. Especially with large projects, villas, castles, it seems that it is natural to choose cast aluminum to decorate the interior and exterior.

Particularly for lan can nhom duc products, although it is only a small branch in the overall aluminum casting products, it is extremely prioritized. Thanks to the advantages it brings as follows:

About the characteristics of cast aluminum balustrade

No oxidation, no rust

Easy to shape, suitable for casting techniques and produces many different designs

Various designs and images

Standard weight, guaranteed

About the application of cast aluminum balustrade

If the railing made of concrete will only be suitable for the position of the balcony or outside areas because of the roughness. Or the iron railing is less aesthetic, the cast aluminum railing can be transformed into any place. From interior to exterior, no matter where you put it, it exudes luxury.

In addition, because of its easy shape, cast aluminum balustrades create features through motifs or logos that bring harmony and transparency to each other in the house. So it is not surprising that it can both be used as a balcony railing and can be used as a stair railing.


Speaking of disadvantages, the first thing that makes you hesitate when choosing this product is because the cost of cast aluminum railings is higher than that of other materials. Next, another problem is that the product processing time will be quite long. It usually takes about a month to complete.

Even so, it must be said again and again, with the aesthetics and durability as well as many other advantages that it brings, the high price is commensurate. And the problem of time will be overcome more simply when you contact Thanh Nam soon for advice as well as get to work.

The cheapest cast aluminum railing price list

The value that cast aluminum railing brings has convinced the majority of customers and has helped it quickly gain a firm foothold in interior and exterior decoration products. This also entails the fact that hundreds of sellers with hundreds of different prices make you confused as to which is the standard price.