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The Benefits of Online Tee Sheet Booking

Years before, golf course managers had great difficulty booking tee times. These golf course managers can be on the phone a whole lot of time trying to schedule players, cancelling their time slots, and rescheduling their tee times. The great advancement in tee sheet booking came when online tee sheet booking was introduced.

Today tee time reservations are being done online and no longer over the phone. It is through their websites that many golf courses offer tee time. Golf course managers don’t have to be stuck on the phone taking reservations but with online tee time reservations, these managers can now spend more time in improving operations.

Below are reason why it is important to have the right online booking platform.

Many golf patrons are not technologically savvy. The apprehension of golf managers is in making older customers into using a foreign system. Ensure that your online tee sheet booking system is easy to use before introducing them to your older customers.

If your tee time reservation on hour website or app is easy to use, then you will avoid problems when people start using it. if a person does not feel comfortable using an online tee time reservation, then you should accommodate their needs by placing a staff member to answer phone reservations.

You should choose from the many different kinds of online tee sheet booking. It is important that your online golf reservation service provider gives you constant updates as advances in technology more forward. With cloud-based tee sheet software, then this process is made possible.

It is difficult to sell tee time. You tee sheet could have holes week after week with time slots being booked right away and some time slots never booked at all. Tee times vary in value as we can see. A lot of players prefer morning golf on a weekend rather than playing evening golf on a weekday. How then can you fill-up the empty slots so that you can have more value from those that are high in demand?

The answer to this dilemma is dynamic pricing. Dynamic pricing is already widely used in the travel industry. Buying a plane ticket in December is much more expensive than buying one in May. If a business charges more for a specific time with high demand, then the business can sell out. It might seem that other times have lower values because their price is low but it has to be remembered that golf is not a product but an experience that is based on timing and conditions.

Millenials can be reached to play golf is technology is incorporated into the experience. If you introduce a mobile app or online booking at your golf course, then the process of making a reservation for tee time would be much easier for man people. If you want to have long term success in your golf course, then you should invest in the youth.

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