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Tips To Choose The Best Bowls And Bongs For Stoner Chicks

A bong is attached to a bowl. The two work together. The bong is the main device. A bong is used when smoking dry herbs. It has similarity to a water pipe. Bongs come in different shapes and sizes. For you to use a bong, it has to come with its components. The components include a stem, water chamber, bowl and mouthpiece. This guide provides you with all you need to know when choosing bong bowl.

It is vital you think about type when selecting bong bongs. Choose an ideal bowl attached to a bong. Bowls come in two types; there is glass-on-glass and rubber grommet. Each has its benefits and cons. Select one that matches the bong well.

Size is another factor to consider. You need to choose bowl pieces of the right size. The standard sizes are 18mm and 14mm. Choose a bowl size that will fit into the bong well. There are also custom bong bowls that can be made to fit your preference.

Bowls and bongs have different fittings. There are female and male bongs. When choosing a female bowl, consider the circumference of the male bowl. The female bowl needs to fit into the male bowl well. You can also use the male bowl if you don’t mind. Bong bowls are of various forms, sizes and colors.

Give consideration to the width and depth of the bowl. If you smoke in large group choose bowls that are deeper. If you smoke individually, go for shallow bowls. For you to identify the best bong, you need to check the depth of the bowl.
Also, consider the diffusion ability. It is advisable you choose a bowl that comes with multiple holes. There will be consistency of airflow and better burning. Also, there will be prevention of bowl clogging.

It is important you consider the aesthetic features of the bong bowl. The style of the bong bowl will determine the price. A classy style will attract a higher price. Avoid choosing cheap bong bowl because they will not serve you well for a long time. Choose a bowl that is highly functional. You need to invest in a product of the best quality.
Research to know bowl bongs of the best brands. The internet is a great place to start your search. Check online reviews.

Also, get references from your friends. They will tell you the best bong bowls from their experience. Visit your local stores to view the bowls and bongs that they sell. For a good smoking experience, make sure the bowl is cleaned after every use. You can make your purchase online or from your local store.