“I purchased other ionizers previous to Enagic and they also were JUNK!

None of which lasted over 18 months!

Back then, as being a health care practitioner, (who researched on-line, lol), I warned my clients to not be sucked into that Enagic company that’s so expensive.

Well, my great research wound up as great lessons to me and hopefully, great advice for other people in what NOT to do!… ”

Don’t be fooled from the imitation or counterfeit ionizer machines claiming to be exactly the same or a lot better than the ionizers manufactured by Enagic. Despite clever internet marketing, propaganda and demonization falsely claiming the Enagic ionizers are inferior you aren’t that great, I will instead teach you specific explanations why the Enagic ionizers are not just superior, but that Enagic would be the true champion of water ionizers.

First, the so-called “competition” will attempt and fool people who have disinformation straight into believing how the Enagic machines be more pricey because on the included income opportunity. This income opportunity is automatically included when someone purchases their Enagic water machine, perhaps the purchaser really wants to refer others or otherwise.

This referral program is protected at no additional charge or fees and is particularly optional to pursue. You do not have to touch on others however if or whenever you refer someone, the business mails a referral check. Frequently then, when you search the far corners from the internet, you would run into false information demonizing those that promote Enagic to be greedy or becoming scam artists due to this added benefit for being able to receive referral checks when an Enagic unit is sold.

Enagic machines truly are manufactured with high quality materials and engineering versus the knock-offs, thus producing top quality water, and lasting a longer time of time, which could therefore have the price of Enagic water products higher.

Additionally however, the Enagic units could be sold for a higher price than knock-offs truly cost less overall as opposed to runners counterfeits. Because the imitation machines build a lower-quality water as a result of lesser quality materials and engineering, therefore producing a profit margin or mark-up which is regularly higher as opposed to Enagic products and also providing a shorter period of time how the cheaply made product will continue to work producing lesser quality water before breaking, as are going to be explained.

The scientific name in the ionized water produced with the Enagic units is “electrolyzed reduced water”. Simply put, electrolyzed reduced water may be the very best water within nature which enables it to be reproduced in the house using a process called electrolysis or ionization.

Electrolysis will be the use of electricity to vary dead acidic water into living, alkalizing water.

I know choosing a water “machine” seems counter-intuitive a “machine” creates natural water but it could be the very best water seen in nature. This process of electrolysis, which is whithin nature including when lighting strikes, produces the best possible water earth creates. This best water that nature creates is especially antioxidant among other things which enable it to be present in some rare or challenging to locations worldwide such to be a well-known spring in Lourdes, France or glacial-melt water found high up backwoods. Enagic ionizer water machines use electrolysis to produce this same natural antioxidant water fresh each and every day in your own home.

The cheaper imitation machines are regularly marked up in excess of the Enagic ones. For example, a “cheaper” $1500 knock-off will probably have a higher profit margin as opposed to Enagic units ever since the cheaper machines have lesser quality and lesser costly materials and engineering inside manufacturing in their “Made in Korea” units.

The price with the Enagic ionizers aren’t inflated due to the referral program but usually deflated on account of this referral program. This would be the Free Market for doing things. If Enagic water machines were bought in stores they might seriously cost $10,000 or higher.

The medical grade platinum, suited for the plates that conduct the electrical charge over the water, costs about $2,000 an oz. The mark-up around the Enagic water machines are lower than 3 times. Whereas many retail products within stores have mark-ups from half a dozen times up to 100 times for example bottled water. It is only 1 penny to fabricate the plastic bottle and grow it with dead, acidic water but these bottles frequently sell for about $1. That is a mark-up of 100 times with this scenario.

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