Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation

A lot of people think that using spray foam insulation in their homes is a huge financial commitment. It is worth spending your money on the spray foam insulation because they have a lot of advantages. Spray foam insulation is created from two composite materials namely isocyanate and polyurethane.

When the two chemicals react, the compound formed expands and becomes hardened. During the installation process, the two materials are sprayed simultaneously from the tip of the spray foam gun, and this allows them to expand and form a protective layer of foam over the sprayed area . There are two main types of foam insulation which includes the open cell and the closed cell.

The open cell type is usually spongy to touch and denser than the closed cell. This enables the open cell foam insulation to be more effective when it comes to dampening sound. The closed-cell insulation is usually more costly than the open cell, but they have more benefits. Using spray foam insulation is beneficial in the following ways.
Spray foam insulation has far more powerful insulating properties than other forms of insulation. The spray foam insulation has proven to be an effective solution in sealing nooks and crannies that could have been otherwise exposed.

If you are looking for ways of saving energy, you should consider using the spray foam insulation. The spray foam insulation is a powerful insulator has enabled families and businesses to save lots of money on energy expenses. The average energy saving of spray foam insulation is about 50 % which is higher than the 30% that is common with other insulation methods.

The spray foam insulation is also advantageous since they offer an air-tight seal. When you use the spray foam insulation, you can be sure of sealing your attic tightly as well as your crawl space. One of the contributors of the high energy bill is the air leaks and that means when you use the spray foam insulation you can be confident of a maximum airtight seal. When compared to the other methods of insulation, using the spray foam insulation can prevent air infiltration by over 20 times.

If you are looking for a moisture barrier, you should consider installing a spray foam insulation. Besides air, water, and moisture will also be entering your house through any cracks and holes in the house walls and crawl space. Spray foam insulation is impermeable to water, and they will do a good job of keeping it way.

Spray foam insulation is also helpful for preventing the growth of molds. The spray foam insulation has no food for the growth of mold or bacteria because they are composed of inert polymers.

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